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Coordination and Collaboration Committee

Enhancing coordination and collaboration among agencies and organizations
conducting water monitoring in Indiana is key to the InWMC mission. At the May
2009 meeting, the General Membership recommended that the Council take the lead in
facilitating the development of an annual coordinated plan for water monitoring in
Indiana. The InWMC Coordination and Collaboration Committee will take the
first step toward this goal by planning and facilitating a meeting of state and
federal agencies, universities, and other organizations conducting water
monitoring throughout Indiana in order to:

  1. Identify duplicated efforts;
  2. Identify potential opportunities for collaboration, and;
  3. Enhance communication among different monitoring organizations by providing an ongoing/annual forum for discussion.
IMG_1179.jpgAd hoc Committee members:
Jeff Frey, USGS, Chair
Jerry Unterreiner, IDNR
Becky Travis, USGS
Greg Overtoom, IDEM
Jody Arthur, IDEM

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