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Membership and participation in the activities of the Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) are welcome to any person, organization or agency with responsibility for, or interest in, water monitoring in Indiana. Members of the InWMC collect, use, or study water-monitoring data in Indiana. The InWMC addresses the full range of water resources, physical, chemical, and biological, including ground and surface waters.

InWMC serves as a broad-based collaborative body to help achieve effective and efficient collection, interpretation, and dissemination of basic data and processed information for use in addressing issues of Indiana waters.

The Indiana Water Monitoring Council is in the process of developing its membership.  We have participants from:
  • Citizen Groups and Other Nonprofit Organizations
  • Local Government Agencies
  • Indiana Government Agencies
  • Federal Government     
  • Regional Planning Groups
  • Academia
  • Consulting Firms
  • Industry

Benefits of Membership:

Network with other InWMC members.

Participate in InWMC sponsored conferences, educational programs, and other activities.

Membership types:

General Members. General members are dues-paying members with voting privileges and may participate in all InWMC activities, including the chairmanship of subcommittees. Dues are $10/year (waived for charter members).

Affiliate Members.  Affiliate members pay no dues and do not have voting privileges, but may participate in InWMC activities, including participation on subcommittees, except subcommittee chairpersonship.

To join the InWMC:

Fill out the online form to join. During our charter membership period, we will not be collecting dues


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