Indiana Water Monitoring Council 
Maximizing resources through improved communication,
                  coordination, data sharing, and collaboration

InWMC Board of Directors

State Agencies (4 representatives)

1. Ashlee Haviland, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

2. Dave Scott, Office of the Indiana State Chemist

3. Jody Arthur, Indiana Department of Environmental Management

4. Julie Harrold, Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Local Agencies (3 representatives)

1. Brenda Howard, City of Indianapolis Department of Public Works

2. Gretchen Quirk, Marion County Public Health Department

3. Joe Foy, City of Elkhart, Public Works and Utilities

Federal Agencies (2 representatives)

1. Jeff Frey, U.S. Geological Service Indiana Water Science Center

2. Tony Bailey, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Academia (2 representatives)

1. Melissa Clark, Indiana University School of Public and Environmental             Affairs (IU SPEA)

2. Jeremy Webber, Center for Earth & Environmental Science (CEES)

Nonprofit Organization (1 representative)

1. Sara Peel, Indiana Lakes Management Society

Member at Large (3 representatives)

1. Shawn Naylor, Indiana Geological Survey

2. Jade Young, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

3. Jennifer Tank, Notre Dame University

Consultants/Industry (2 representatives)

1. Greg R. Bright, Commonwealth Biomonitoring

2. Mark Howell, Xenon Geosciences

Watershed/Basin Monitoring Groups (2 representatives)

1. Jill Hoffman, Upper White River Watershed Alliance, or Designee

2. Kathy Clark, Lake Maxincuckee Environmental Council

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