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Indiana waterway - Youngs Creek, Johnson CountyThe Indiana Water Monitoring Council (InWMC) serves as a broad-based, state-wide body to enhance the communication, collaboration and coordination of professionals, organizations, and individuals involved in water monitoring within Indiana. Founded in 2008, the InWMC:

  • Provides a forum for communication among groups that are monitoring
  • Promotes sharing monitoring information including data, and effective procedures and protocols for sample collection
  • Facilitates the development of collaborative monitoring strategies

The InWMC addresses the full range of water resources, including ground and surface waters, physical, chemical and biological components, and associated wetland resources within Indiana.

Council activities include 1) coordinating water monitoring field days where water-monitoring methods such as flow measurement and water quality sampling are taught, and 2) hosting symposia where talks on specific water resources issues are presented.

Current projects include an effort to compile technical resources and outreach materials related to water monitoring in Indiana and developing a task force aimed at optimizing the existing water quality monitoring sites in Indiana.

InWMC Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue 1

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